Jürgen is an artisan, gourmet and organic bakery, cafeteria and pastry shop established in Quito in 2013, by Jürgen Spelier, who belongs to the fourth generation of Chef Bakers in his family.

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Fried or scrambled eggs, pancakes, red fruit compote, whipped cream, sausage and bacon, onion.


Fried or scrambled eggs, waffles, red fruit compote, whipped cream, bacon and rosti potato.

Ei in de koekepan

Fried or scrambled eggs over bacon, chorizo, rosti potato, sautéed vegetables, served in a hot pan.


Green banana “majado”, fried or scrambled eggs, red beans, creamy fresh cheese, bacon, pork rinds.

Del Chef

Fried or scrambled eggs, with sausages on toasted bread and a hot drink.


Fried or scrambled eggs, slice of ham, topped with Dutch cheese and paprika on toasted bread and hot drink.